Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hello my friends:

First of all my apologies, I was in a well deserved vacation from my blog.  Today, I was looking at my "dream houses",  we all have big dreams of a gorgeous house.  I came across one of my favorite places "Cote of Texas"  I just love her blog.  However, tonight she wrote a long post about some crazy people who didn't like her post about a very young couple with three kids build a gorgeous house.  They went to college, travel the world, and now is time for the "dream house" the student loans, and the kids.

Their living room  I love the room and the designer.



THe bed is RH of course, the stools Wisteria, just beautiful.

imagelove the "egg chairs"

Love every room, such a style but perfect for little kids.  Please go to her blog and look at this house,
I couldn't post all the pictures, but you will love it.  I adore RH, PB, Wisteria and more.

Read about the nasty people who comment on her blog, and the horrible things they are saying about the homeowner and the young designer.  I couldn't believe it!!!  I so admire people who work hard, and get the "house of their dreams"
 then sell it for a better one, and after a few moves you get "the house of your
dreams"  Isn't this what is all about?  I think we all deserve to dream and to get the best home we can afford, and fulfill our dreams.
I live in an area where "houses" "lawns" "flower beds" "curb appeal"  are extremely important.  In my town people work endless hours in renovating, designing gardens, making homes beautiful.
I understand this is not for everyone, but this is the biggest investment we make.  We need to make our homes gorgeous, look at this designer and this couple, they did a great job, and they have very small children.  I'm sure this family will have great memories in this home.
As I look out my window, today, I saw a neighbor painting his shutters, his wife weeding the beautiful flower beds, this went on for hours.  They have great pride in their house, and I'm so lucky to have creative, hard working neighbors.