Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year Organization Resolutions and more

Hello friends:

This is a short post, I'm into my ears with these:

and making my famous music birds.  They are going all the way to Spain, I'm hurrying with all the after the holidays orders.

Hope you are all sticking with your resolutions. I'm so far doing one little organization task a day.
It works for me, So far, I did three drawers on one dresser, and two buckets of crafts, and I'm so
excited about finally finding crafts items that I'm setting a great system. It works, keep at it, remember a small organization task a day, by January 31 we will be so organized that life is going to be wonderful for us
crafters and DYI people.
I love suitcases, I saw this on pinrerest and loved it, check it out, sorry for the short post, but today is a busy day for me,