Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dreams do come true, a little retail therapy.

Hello friends,

How are you?  Did you have a good day?,  I hope so, I did a little retail therapy, we all know all about it. The sun was shinning, the wind was blowing, and the temperature was very pleasant so, it was the right day.  I went to a small mall with valet parking, o la la, are you jealous??  Well, I used to hate going to this mall, until I found out that they had valet parking for my car, otherwise you had to pay for the parking, across a little way, they have a huge Bloomingdales, and Macy's mall, you don't pay for parking there, and 12 minutes from my house they have a huge new store called Norstrom(Ophra loved their shoes they have millions of shoes.  I don't go there. Well back to the Chestnut Hill Mall, now I  like it, oh well I drove 20 minutes. You understand that I say 20 minutes, equals to one hour or sometimes two hours, here, all you need is a little accident, a game, or repairs of the roads. They are always repairing roads.  This is why for me a trip to the city is a big big thing, I get ready for the road, you never know. four lanes into one lane, or three lanes into one lane, the tunnels flooded, the tunnels are closed, and on and on and on.

The interesting thing about this small mall is that they have three of BLOG LAND favorite stores all together, isn't this amazing?? so in one hour, your therapy is over.

Store No. 1  PB  the cheapest of them all, I took some pictures and drool over the stuff, I sat on one of their couches, and dream, dream, dream, the nice guy started talking to me about my purchases, he wanted me to get some sand for my candles, and shells, there were on sale, well he didn't know I can get free shells, sand and all, but he wanted to sell sell sell, he followed me, and I took pictures, well, he was going to make a sale, however, I don't like sales people in the stores unless I can buy something, and really I wasn't impressed. Now the next two stores, nobody follow me, or care if anybody was buying, it was very nice and relaxing. Interesting eh?  very different salespeople, I did ask if the RH tables are made in CHina,  they said some of them, but avoided the questions like a plague,  I don't buy things made in China, I'm trying to help our economy in my little way.

well done, white ironstone$$$$

Love the lamp shade

A unique coffee table

my entertainment center, dream on
Then, I marched into RH and, drool some more, and it was empty, just the staff, it was around 4:00 in the afternoon, it was beautiful  with a capital B,
more pictures to dream dream dream  Miss RESTORATION HARDWARE

the white books, and antique  weights

more zinc letters, they are everywhere $$$

a basket with rolled antique prints to die for, not for sale. I will tell you what jewels these rolls are, I ask if I could open one, tomorow you will read about it, they are mine, guess how I got them, tell you tomorow.Dreams
do come true and, sometimes they are free.

Love the coffee table unique antique

cool chair very old

cool white books with round thingy

THe T stations typography $$$$

love the map

more T stations
  Well, this is class, everything is beautiful, I'll take it all. Now the BIGGIE, can you guess, well, I didn't stay long on this store because it was very hot, no windows, and the AC was not working, anyway, I counted the people there were about 10 of us, and of course this is where the "real therapy" was in full session, let me tell you I can spend a good hour in this store, and, I'm the kind of person who doesn't like malls, or mega stores.  I don't go very often, I live in a small town that has two mini malls with little boutiques, that is my kind of "reality therapy" we also have the best 2 Home Goods, two TJMax, and two Marshalls, all of them are 10 minutes from my house. The most popular is Home Goods, its always very crowded and you cannot get a cart, or a parking spot.  Its crazy, crazy, the TJMax is very popular because they have a DESIGNER WOMAN section fifi and fifi o la la. 

Back to the therapy, I mean really, it takes a lot of control for me not to pick up and buy something, I mean, I know better, here are the pictures, and then I will tell you what made it back to my humble nest.
cool chair

love the suitcases

these is so cool its all made from jeans just outstanding, it will take hours and hours

the jeans wall, just precious
they cut strips of jeans and staple them to
the wall, so cool

One of my favorites, simple and bright,
attached four legs to a little drawer, simple.

 bunch of printing blocks glue together to add texture

love the windows decorated with moss, its time to get those window decorated, so cute

This is it, I have more pictures, but the therapy ended and I came home with a french soap, a french hand cream, and the cutest letter hook for my bathroom.  Not bad, a lot of control, boy, the thing with this little mall is that the towns are innundated with famous surgeons, and lawyers, Chestnut Hill is 10 minutes from Boston, $$$$ these people don't even look at the prices, I saw them today, "give me on of this, and two of that, and that is it.  so they buy buy buy, and, we drool drool drool, oh I forgot across the street they have a huge CONTAINER STORE, my next therapy session probably in three months, I'm okay, you are okay, we are all okay, remember?