Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Hello friends of Kate Creative Salvage:
FREE pine cones from the yard or the park,  a tomato form, attached the pine cones with hot glue, and wire. Simple and lovely
One can decorate a Christmas Tree in many many ways, some ideas for the simple ways, cheaper ways, for all of us who are in the
middle of a tough Christmas season.  Some of these trees are so cute and cost very little.  Hope it will inspire you:

More pine cones, just paint them with metallic  paints, gold and silver.  wrap a little wire, and they make lovely very green ornaments, 

Some of us like two trees, to keep traditions, (Source: Country Living)

A great idea for spaces without mantles, hang your stockings from
a piece of twine. Super green, and organic rustic look.

Make some tea stained tags, (You can get a pack at staples), stain them in a bowl of tea, for a few minutes to antique them)  Dry them, and attached family photos, and write a personal note.

Very organic, green, and, inexpensive. try this idea, it looks great.

I hope you enjoy these ideas, and get inspiration no matter what your budget this Christmas.

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love you all