Sunday, August 26, 2012

new finds and painting

Hello Friends"

My great new finds and some beautiful pouporri of tags giveaway.

An I V Post from a hospital, they told me it was 100 years old.  I love the patina, chippy paint of hospital turquoise



Love the original casters.

love the handle to adjust your IV

The top is for hanging the IV but I'm hanging lamps.

original casters

chippy paint

love the lamp, it came with the IV poster and its electric!!!!!  I have another one  but it is for a large candle.
A great find, a 5 place setting Johnson Ironstone Regency pattern from England, sugar, creamer and enough for 12 people.  Do we love Ironstone???? LOL
Now to the painting  French Desk No. 3  remember the little one, a wedding planner from NH came and took it home, it was one of a kind.  just precious.  Now I'm doing two french desks at once, this one is almost done,  see,,,,
the desk chair in gray
Its all painted and ready for some wax and distressing.
I love hyandreas and I put them in my dolly covered jars, don't they look pretty

This is my Giveaway, one lucky follower received all the clay tags that she wanted from my shop.  Its a pouporri of clay tags, includes numbers big and small, french poems tag  Big menu,tag Bigcarte postaletag, big and small music tags, and my favorite  the monogram tags with french laurel.they have embossed french poem words also.
blessings this Monday

Saturday, August 25, 2012


I love when my finds are the bride's favorite.
Here are some examples.

 a beautiful trunk

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Dear Friends:

A little vacation around here, but we are back for a few days

And we will go for a few days again to finish the summer.

Great finds today!!!  Take a look:
Look at this "french drdk"
in great condition, mahogany, dove tales drawers sexy legs, and great original hardware.

great legs

perfect top and back no water marks or anything.

TRANSFORMATION  a la French, chalk paint,
gesso, waxes, and more perhaps a little surprise!!

This baby table is in great condition and its getting a makeover also.

Isn't it great, and it was all FREE!!!!   love it.

to be continue with the transformation, out painting, painting, painting,

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dream Big

A French Market Tour

Experience the ultimate in vintage shopping in the gorgeous Northwest Coast of France!

This is one of my dreams, pretty BIG DREAM, I just love French real antiques, not reproductions.
They say BIG DREAMS DO COME TRUE IN TIME.  I can wait.



Sunday, August 5, 2012

French,young and industrial


I'm in a little vacation, for the past year and a half, I have been taking classes twice a week on a very very hard course.  Well, the day came when I graduated, however, my brain is very very tired.  Lots of reading, book reports, practice tutoring, lesson plans, and the worst were the very large volumes I had to read to finish the course.

Decorating, painting my furniture, is my passion, finding junk that I can transform, gives me such
pleasure, working with clay is so fun, and making people happy is extremely rewarding.

So, I'm taking a vacation, form "school", I have to
rest my mind and brain, because I truly need it.

On the bright side, I found a new style that is "young", "industrial",  (I love industrial) mix with
vintage.  I wanted to share some inspiration from France.

This corner has a lot of pieces that we all have.  First of all, I have two old tennis rackets, an old clock, yes easy, the hard parts are the old locker, love, and the industrial lamp.  I'm looking into making one, cheap.

love this arrangement, take an old vintage table, we all have them, arrange a lamp, industrial, a book, and voila!  young, industrial, vintage, so so cute. Take a look at this arrangement:  its full of pretty things, starting with the cage industrial lamp, you can get this at HD or on line, and use the IKEA cord like I did on my mason jars lamps.  I sold both, I need to make some more, I don't have mine and I miss it, I sold them very fast. It takes about two weeks to make it because I love the added sea rope I do on mine.
This bundle of books without the spine wrapped with twine, I use this a lot, on my tables, I love the look.   The lamp with the corks an old trick. The cages, just painting white voila,  the old clock, easy to find  Target has them cheap.

The letters, TJMax for 4.00 on the clearance part of the store, spray paint them and voila, I found three gold ones and painted them black at a sale for .25 each, one was gold.
The shade is at IKEA catalog or at the store. 

Great cheap industrial lamps, you can get these at garage sales, or new at the hardware store, or IKEA, Target, Home Depot.
Love the industrial look, and the drafting table in front of the fireplace, so unique and young!!!!

These is so vintage/industrial mix, love the chairs and the lamps.  Easy to make (lamps)  chairs they have them at IKEA, target, and other stores.

Junking List:
French dish towels are "in" you can find these and others at the"dollar store"  I got several for just $1.00  they look and wash great.
shoe forms, you can find them at garage sales, they are great for "coat racks".

Bingo cards, chips and dominoes are so "in", you can do a lot with them.

My French Country Home, French Living - Sharon SantoniOld or new books with or without the spine, garage sales, antique malls, salvation army, great find, just tie them with twine, and this is a great decoration.

Pinned Image  Love the dress forms,
I have seen these on the curb, people and stores throw them away, they add to a corner, very frenchy. I'm on the look out for one, I found one last week on the street, but missed it, someone in front of me grabbed it first, oh well.

Pinned Image Love the industrial lamps, again IKEA cords and porcelain sockets, vintage reproduction cords, voila you got yourself a do it yourself lamp, or you can find them at my shop or others on Etsy.

Hope you enjoy and got inspired today,

Happy Sunday