Sunday, August 21, 2011

Decorating with old crates

THE NEWEST TREND !!!! is decorating with old vintage crates, graphics, and advertisement, shabby, just about anything, pricey?  yes, in antique shops, they are getting $45.00 to $50.00 per crate, in flea markets, antique malls, and shops with a few vendors, cheaper, about $25.00  I visited a shop who houses about 15 vendors all  shabby chic painted furniture and all, their crates were $22.00  a big difference.  Personally I love them and use them, the minute  I get one it sells on Etsy.  The last one I sold was a cranberry crate from Cape Cod, it sold in five minutes, I haven't seen one like it again.

What DYI and decorators do with the crates:

 Crate Trend

Crate Trend
Use them to hold items in the kitchen counter, courtesy of
Crate Trend
These adorable crates are handmade by the crafty Ana White
Crate Trend

Crate Trend
Three potatoes four shop An idea to use small and big ones together!!!!!or even drawers, I have a lot of drawers.
Vintage stylist, New Zealand,  awesome crates.
Decorating With Vintage Soda Crates
courtesy of Pottery Barn

Vintage Wooden Advertisement Crate
etsy shop

Item image
courtesy of Ebay  $50.00  Great colors!

Hope you enjoyed the different uses of crates, and I will take pictures of mine on our next post,



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Vintage crates are big in style.