Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Friday!!!! New Decorating Book

Hello friends:

I love decorating books, browsing through the books at Barnes and Noble, I enjoy the different ideas and inspirations, here is " AGirl's  Guide to Decorating" by Abigail Ahern from the UK.

Meet Abigail and I this Sunday in London!
Typography on leather, LOL

Happy Weekend~
20 Inspiring Corners

1, Martha Stewart weddings, 3, Ivetteinuffio,4 Debee Campos

My fave are Ivette and Debee, incredible phorographers and designers, their photos and vignettes are soo
lovely and well define, here are two people who know photography.  Just incredible

Simple, but great photography!!!!!

Enjoy this weekend, just remember, you are the best, don't worry about what others say, just do your best,

Have a great weekend,