Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer French Desk

Hello friends:

Are you still enjoying summer?, its great.

Here is the latest on my French desk, I keep adding, redoing, and its looking better everyday.

What do you think?  pretty good for a Chalk painter without experiences or classes.  It is possible,

Step One:  Choose a color. I chose Loui Blue, Old White, and both waxes.

Step Two:  Just give it a coat. of Loui Blue

Step Three:  Maybe it needs another coat ( my desk just needed one coat)

Step Four:  With a very very fine paint brush paint the details in Old White or any white
You like, I have loads of Old White so I need to use it.  This step takes a long time, if you
make a mistake just clean it with a rag and paint it over.

Step Five:  Apply the clear wax all over the piece, so to preserve it, I don't have the expensive brushes so I just do it with good rags.  JUST DO SMALL PIECES AT A TIME.

Step Six: Distress with the dark wax.  ONLY APPLY a DAB and rub. Don't apply too much or
it will look very dark.  If you make a mistake just apply the clear wax and it comes off. Or just paint the spot over.
I didn't apply much dark wax, just a little was enough for me, because I like to see the light blue and the white. To be honest I almost didn't do the dark wax because I love the blue is very pale, but I decided to experiment a bit.
Another TRICK:  With an old brush dab half of the brush with dark wax and half with paint and play with this. If you don't like it, just erase it with a rag.  I did this on the corners and top on the design. I use old brushes, cheap ones and save money.

I'm thinking of doing a video for you, remember, I learn by doing, experimenting, , I believe in classes but unfortunately my time is so limited I have to do it myself.  This desk is in my living room, people want it but I love it myself, and after spending two weeks painting it I cann't give it away.

Basically the best way to learn how to paint furniture is by doing. You can also learn from Miss Mustard Seed, or Shauna, but the best way is to do it yourself and learn from your mistakes .

Hope you enjoy it.

Now to the next piece, I found this gorgeous bureau and I'm not painting it, I love oak, the color,
the patina, the coasters, the hardware I just love it. So I'm leaving it alone. SORRY

Isn't this gorgeous, I have to leave it as it is, cannot destroy beautiful oak. The owners took care of the bureau and I will too.

Check my video on how I painted my desk through trial and error with Chalk paint.