Sunday, June 10, 2012

My little French Desk Adventure

Hello friends:

I wanted to show you Part 2 of my Desk Adventure.

I decided to give a coat of the  ASCP , I had

a little bit of Loui Blue, but I have loads of other
colors that are sitting there for months.  So, I dragged the brushes out and started.  Here you will see some pictures, bear in mind is not finished yet, I'm slow at painting because I don't want to ruin
such a nice piece.

This is how it was when I got it.

The first coat of the blue.

Got risky and did the borders with white I don't know do you like it????

More white???

This is the surprise glass old old knobs that were hidden inside the middle drawer.
The small drawers have a cute little wooden knob, the rest of them have keyholes only.

Add captionYou can see my "white border" it took me forever, and ever, it was late and the mosquitoes and flying ants and bugs were killing me. So I covered it with my a blanket and inside I went.

I did finished the white and did a little waxing just to see what it would like. Unfortunately we had so much rain here that the mosquitoes, bugs are going crazy, so I had to go in bye bye bugs,

This part is when I got the "famous" wax, you heard me I said "famous" this hype about the paint and the wax is insane, the paint is okay, but its too thick, and a bit pricey. You can get the same exact colors for half the price. The wax is tricky, its easier to distress with other products.

 I put a little tiny bit of wax and rubbed it into the flowers and didn't like it so I wiped it off. The wax is confusing to me. There are tons of tutorials out there and every one is different. So I just did what I always do, a little test, and I didn't like it so I painted it over.  I will try another way tomorow and see how it goes.

Call me crazy, but I went to the paint store in my town, and I talked to the woman who mixes paints, I showed her the pictures and a sample of the paint. She didn't know much about the paint or waxes, but she liked my pictures, so that was good.  We talked a lot about colors and paints, she is very good about mixing and matching colors, and I always go with a picture, she loves to experiment with colors. I told her I have two years of paint, I need to start painting or is going to go bad.  Oh, one more thing, she mixed a little formula and came up with the Loui color. I think she got intrigued, she apologized and said "by the way if you run out, I have it here for you". Of course I told her this is chalkpaint, and she said "I can make it chalkpaint, I have a formula". Of course I have enought blue to paint an entire house, she doesn't know this, I just wanted an opinion, I guess I got it.

Well, let me know how you like my adventure, to be continue...