Friday, July 22, 2011

"Your wish will come true??"

yea???  I wished so much for a hot summer, we got it.  However, today, in the middle of a humid,108 temperature, we had the air conditioner blasting ,we lost our lights.  What do you do?? of course, we thought, the beach, but we decided to go out for a quick lunch first. Well, every restaurant in the area was in the dark, generators didn't work. Well, I heard on the radio that the Wayland schools were celebrating their second "snow day" in the summer, so they brought tons of ice and snow for the kids, for a fun "snow day",  perfect idea for a day like today.
We live far from Wayland,so that idea was out, but we live 5 minutes to the beach,so that was the plan.We have lots of beaches here, every town has a beach, but then there is the big beach,It is called "Nantasket" It is big, it has all kinds of attractions, condos, cottages, so it looks to me like a vacation spot. Actually,Bostonians usually have a house in Maine, New Hampshire, or Cape Cod. A lot of them have a cottage here in Nantasket which is the big beach. Or they come for the day, for the week etc. We arrived and, of course it was so busy, but what a relief. ]    

  I know a lot of you who read my blog live in the Southern part of the USA so this weather, is not news to you, but for us here in Boston, is a bit too hot, usually summers are short, not too hot, the water is cold, it gets better at the end of July.  So, this is as bad as a snowstorm, I kept thinking about my food in the freezer, cleaning the fridge out,after not having electricity for so many hours.   be  the "buzz" word today was, "do you want ice, and snow??" 

Some of my favorite books (summer reading)


Here are some pictures of Rachel Ashwell's new project, her B&B in a ranch, I brought her books also to the beach. I thought you would like to see her new rooms, so cute. The B&B is a series of cottages in a big ranch.  Each one is decorated with vintage wallpaper, a lot of white, and very romantic furnishings and accessories. Go online for rates and availability if you are interested.
this little cottage has a bedroom and a bathroom, so cute!!!
the living room on another of the cottages at "The Prarie"
The Blue Bonnet Cottage
the" Blue Bonnet "cottage,  sooo cute imagine a romantic night here!!!!
very Rachel, her white on white bathroom
Another cottage living room, simple but so elegant.
"The Manor"  bedroom

Great room combination, living and guest room.

The next three books are by Atlanta Bartlett   they make you drool when you read them.

Easy Elegance By Atlanta Bartlett
very elegant and so delicate, love her photography
At Home With White By Atlanta Bartlett
If you like decorating with whites, this is the book for you.
I love whites.

The Relaxed Home Compact By Atlanta Bartlett
Love her style and the photos on  her books this is really, my style, love "white" and a touch of color. Love simplicity eclectic, mixing, this is art, in my opinion, very few decorators can achieve a look like Atlanta Bartlett.

The lights are on, so I have to go home, hope you enjoyed some of my books, happy reading,


Summer reading, beaches of Cape Cod

“Like Elizabeth Strout’s conflicted junior high teacher, Olive Kitteridge, [the Kellehers] are appealing partly because of their oh-so-­human shortcomings…I enjoyed every page of this ruthless and tender novel about the way love can sometimes redeem even the most contentious families. Like all first-rate comic fiction, Maine uses humor to examine the truths of the heart, in New England and far beyond.” –The Washington Post
“Sullivan beautifully channels Alice through her memories…The dialogue sizzles as the tension between the women’s love and anger toward one another tightens…You don’t want the novel to end.” –The New York Times Book Review
For the Kellehers, Maine is a place where children run in packs, showers are taken outdoors, and old Irish songs are sung around a piano at night. Their beachfront property, won on a barroom bet after the war, sits on three acres of sand and pine nestled between stretches of rocky coast, with one tree bearing the initials “A.H.” At the cottage, built by Kelleher hands, cocktail hour follows morning mass, nosy grandchildren snoop in drawers, and decades-old grudges simmer beneath the surface.