Saturday, December 10, 2011

More Christmas Love going your way, wreaths, and table settings

Hello my good friends,

Thank you for the comments, its good to send love
both ways via blogland.
I heard today at Michaels that some people put their wreaths out the first of December, and by now they are brown.  The bought them at the grocery store
I'm not saying the name, because I shop there too.
But the thing is they had to buy another one artificial this time. Have you ever heard of this??

Here is some more wreath and outdoor decorations,
Lets decorate the kitchen notice the simple rustic trees for the table. Beautiful

A bedroom large enough for a beautiful tree, a wreath and candles.  Love this
and some beautiful table settings.

A beautiful tree

lovely table!!!!

Dessert table:

Use  color

silver and simple:

Heavenly holiday table

Table for two, lovely idea.

Red themed holiday table with glass goblets
Bring Grandmas good crystal, sterling out LOL

This is us gals,  LOL

White table with pink and white decorations
white and pink, rustic but festive, check the planter/urn for the wine, check the little chair pictures, and the candelabras in white.  Just lovely,

Have a wonderful Saturday, do a little decorating to make you home festive and begin to celebrate
the most important holiday for us Christians.

I hope you got inspired, and please send me some love, (comments) you are all so so kind.