Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Last week 451 people read my blog, I know we are small, but growing, to me this is a miracle.  I have no experience in blogging.  I write from the heart, and for you, the reader.  I see now, that there is an audience, when you are humble, tell the thruth, and write from the heart.

Well, we need a celebration, hum hum, oh yea I know what you are thinking, an excuse for a ___________?

Announcement:  tomorow, I have to put it together, I want to give you something really really nice, you deserve it.




Nate. we love you !!!

Dear friends:

Go to my NEW facebook page, tell me about your experience sitting next to the biggest decorator, tv show going on right now.  He is into flea markets, antique shows, curb picking, garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, DYI, and making trash to treasures.  His designs are fresh, simple, he loves color, organization,not just design, you can tell he sees it in his head effortless, such a brilliant guy.  Please tell me what you thought when you sat next to him and talked to him one on one, or if you went to the show, how was your experience.

Have a wonderful day