Sunday, July 3, 2011

IDEAS on decorating for the 4th of July

Friends we are starting with the most delicious cupcakes from the ultimate baker Martha Stewart. I made them, the Mr. and kids loooove them.

Easy decoration: use your buttercream frosting, pipe in some blue stars and make the red stripes with some licorice.  
Easy clean up.  and delicious.

The designs on this page start as Chocolate Cupcakes or Vanilla Cupcakes iced with Swiss Meringue Buttercream -- perfect for spreading in thin layers or sculpting into thick mounds (and licking from the bowl).

Martha Stewart's perfect dessert

BHG  beautiful decorating for the 4th. just add some red to your rooms.  EASY


Country Living porch decorating

Hope this pictures help put a little bit of red, white, and blue in every room of your home.





Hello Friends:

How are you?  Hope you are all grilling, watching fireworks, and singing patriotic songs. As I promised yesterday, I have the pictures of this house in my town that always does things "over the top"  bless their hearts, it takes them a long time to put the flag up, I mean hours. Their entire house is the flag, just awsome, here is the picture for you all
Amazing ha? I love it the flag is huge, and you cann't see the house at all.

Well, great American spirit in my town, tonight we had barbecue in the common by the beach, music and great fireworks. Tomorow there is a Vintage baseball game at the Derby Academy,  very old fashioned game,lots of fun.

I did a little painting, I will show you its not finish, but I'm getting there, the color is "lavender"

this little caddy is so cute, I had to decorate with it even thou I'm not done with the painting.

I could put little towels or soaps in the bathroom?

And this baby took me weeks to paint, each cubby hole and I think it needs more?  what do you think?   LOVE TO READ YOUR COMMENTS

I just put some of my new tags, but I like jewelry on the cubbies, or little trinkets I mean a collection of shells, or whatever, LOVE TO READ YOUR COMMENTS  PLEASE

Now, I used the famous "Chalkpaint" it took me three coats people, oh yes, and of course now comes the wax and distress.  However, I like it just as it is, but the "furniture gurus" will say I need to do the next step.  I mean I would like to protect the wood of course, but I love this color so much, that I'm afraid when you start with the distressing, waxing, etc etc. you take away the beautiful color.
Anyway, write and tell me what would you do???? I know you are out there, I read the furniture parties, and there are some expert painters in Blogland.
The sweet lady who mailed me the paint, God bless her send a one page recipe to do a table, a one page full of instructions it is beautiful, but I will never attempt it.

First of all, I used a very good brush, yes I did, no dollar store brush I used the good one. But that is all.I have paint from BM, SW, Home Depot, Lowes I'm telling you I have lots of paint, and no time to paint. So in the summer, we are going to paint.  In all fairness, I love that I just open the can and paint, no primer, no sanding, I just go for it.  I love it that covers and dries immediately, so second coat and perhaps three coats, my stuff is very old, and we are done.
I love it, fast, easy, done.   I have to make this can last for a while, its almost like my Robins blue BM color that I used for years, but much deeper, can you tell??????

love and blessings to all, tomorow is Sunday, Pray for America.