Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring, Easter and beautiful weather

Dear Friends:

Great blue skies, warm temperatures, and Easter.
You cann't ask for a better week.
I designed some new knobs, here are some from my shop.  The first one is about Bermuda, I found this
beautiful vintage map, the colors are great and vibrant. I chose Hamilton and the shoreline for the sides of the knob.  I still have lots of places left. Its so nice because this is not a copy but the real thing.
This particular knob is sold but I can make others if you like.

The other one is our famous "lucky number", in yellow, these knobs are very popular because we all
have our lucky dates, house numbers, wedding date,engagements, birthdates, and just lucky number.

I love how the light makes the knob pop.  I placed it in my beautiful pansies pot.  These are last years
flowers, they are great.  I love the purple color with the yellow lucky 827.  These knob is sold, but
I can make you another one, and if you follow my blog, you get a 15% discount. just go to my shop
and convo me what your lucky number is and you will enjoy beautiful custom made one of a kind
knobs for your furniture, doors, bathrooms, shops, etc.

Have a great spring day,

love you all