Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nate Berkus

Hello friends:

Another busy week around here, just when we think we are catching up with work, painting, decoupaging, clay tags, knobs, furniture,Etsy.
 I'm so excited about the next issue of Ki's Flea Market Style magazine and Nate Berkus. He is on the front cover.  Go over to pinterest where she pinned a preview.  Here is a little bit to get you motivated:

Cactus seating. Project to do with a vintage chair. Ouch!Source:  Pinterest

Bracelets from old ties. Fun and funky! Would make cute dog collars too.Source"  Pinterest
Painted sticks. Love them. So simple.Source Pinterest

Here is the link for more, just wonderful inspiration  The magazine is up for sale, but its hard to find. I just grabbed the last issue at my supermarket.

Now you know that my daughter had a drink with Nate while on vacation on MV. She called me
and I said hello to him. He was so sweet and nice. I told him how much I enjoyed his shows, and we chatted about his vacation a bit.  My daughter of course was sitting next to him. She said he was so good looking, much better in person than on TV. He loves "junking" on his vacations, and they shared a nice evening. I was very happy with the phone call.  Of course he loves Nantucket also, and finds lots of junk there too,.

The funny part about all of this is that my favorite decorating program when my daughter was little was Nate's Mom's decorating program.  "From Trash to Treasures"  She was a regular and always had the best shabby chic projects.  I loved her, I was living in the MidWest and enjoyed the programs   From Trash to Treasures went away but Nate came on TV. and one day he had his mom, and I couldn't believe it that she was my favorite decorator and this was her son. It is a small world.
I loved shabby chic for years.and years.  I'm looking forward to the article and hope you enjoy it too.