Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Decorate a blank wall with simple art and New finds.

Hello friends:

WOW, its hot today here, but we need to keep moving, all of us  "designers" and creative people,
have to keep busy, we are not used to the hot and humid weather, but I welcome it.
I have two blank walls, and for years I look at them, but don't know what to do. I tried the traditional one picture, didn't like it, then I tried another traditional transfer ware plates, all the same
color , I tried three, then four, I'm looking at them but I still think the wall looks empty.
So, I'm looking for some inspiration and found these idea, I kind of like it but I not sure??
and this wall, and another one:

I like botanical, but don't have any, what do you think???550_101676543

This last one I like, minus the furniture, one of the walls is in the kitchen and the other one is in the bedroom. There is no room for furniture, its small with a low ceiling, you know, the old old, cottage style wooden ceiling, nice and cozy but difficult to decorate because if you put too much, it looks
clutter, I have three windows, two together and the other one to the end of one wall. Difficult walls.  But I think the white plain pictures would look good.

Please I need your ideas, do you have a blank empty wall that needs something??

Now to the fun fun finds:

I found a lot of "junk/treasures"

This hooked rug by Marie Claire, large 6x4

My favorite this handmade rustic rustic, shabby and not a single nail on it. This bench is adorable.

Look at this beauty I'm telling you most people think I'm crazy, I'm crazy for antiques, handmade, rustic, great for the yard, deck, porch.
Solid oak dresser, cannot paint this, love the color of oak, I'm sometimes afraid to paint nice pieces.

The bench look at the details.

I also got two mirrors, but I didn't do the pictures yet, more tomorrow,