Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello friends:

Busy starting a new venture, Katie's jewels at Etsy.  Here are some of the new pictures.

We are super excited about the new shop and almost all custom pieces are gone, but we have lots of more goddies, check us on facebook, we post the new pieces, weekly coupons and more.
go to kate's salvage on facebook.



Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hello my friends:

First of all my apologies, I was in a well deserved vacation from my blog.  Today, I was looking at my "dream houses",  we all have big dreams of a gorgeous house.  I came across one of my favorite places "Cote of Texas"  I just love her blog.  However, tonight she wrote a long post about some crazy people who didn't like her post about a very young couple with three kids build a gorgeous house.  They went to college, travel the world, and now is time for the "dream house" the student loans, and the kids.

Their living room  I love the room and the designer.



THe bed is RH of course, the stools Wisteria, just beautiful.

imagelove the "egg chairs"

Love every room, such a style but perfect for little kids.  Please go to her blog and look at this house,
I couldn't post all the pictures, but you will love it.  I adore RH, PB, Wisteria and more.

Read about the nasty people who comment on her blog, and the horrible things they are saying about the homeowner and the young designer.  I couldn't believe it!!!  I so admire people who work hard, and get the "house of their dreams"
 then sell it for a better one, and after a few moves you get "the house of your
dreams"  Isn't this what is all about?  I think we all deserve to dream and to get the best home we can afford, and fulfill our dreams.
I live in an area where "houses" "lawns" "flower beds" "curb appeal"  are extremely important.  In my town people work endless hours in renovating, designing gardens, making homes beautiful.
I understand this is not for everyone, but this is the biggest investment we make.  We need to make our homes gorgeous, look at this designer and this couple, they did a great job, and they have very small children.  I'm sure this family will have great memories in this home.
As I look out my window, today, I saw a neighbor painting his shutters, his wife weeding the beautiful flower beds, this went on for hours.  They have great pride in their house, and I'm so lucky to have creative, hard working neighbors.



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


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Tutorial: How to paint Mason Jars

Tutorial:  How to paint Mason Jars (inside)


You will need:

1. A mason jar

2. Valspar’s sample paints from Lowes

Step 1:  Make sure your jar is clean and dry.

Step 2:  Pour a bit of paint inside your jar, not too much, you can always ad more paint.

Step 3.  Close your jar tight, then swirl it around slowly until the entire inside of the jar is covered.

Step 4:  Open your jar and turn it upside down on a piece of newspaper, and dry overnight.

Step 5:  Your jar is done, use as many colors as you want.  You can use it to store a lot of pens, pencils, brushes, rulers, etc.

As a flower vase, use a small paper cup and fill with water, arrange your flowers and put it inside the jar.

Make sure you don’t spill water. Valspar's has a lot of beautiful colors.  You can mix and experiment with the paints.  Have fun.  I made three jars of mason pint size, and one of a quart size.

Hope you try this great way to display your jars.
The "callas" came from Trader Joes.


Mason Jars Tutorial

Tutorial:  How to paint Mason Jars (outside)


You will need:

1. A mason jar

2. A small brush

3. ASCP paint Louis Blue

4 A sanding block



Step 1:  Make sure your jar is clean and dry.

Step 2:  Paint the outside of your jar with your favorite ASCP color. I used Louis Blue (my favorite)

You will probably do a couple of coats.

Step 3.  When dried, sand it in different places with the sanding block, very gently.  Voila! You are done.

Step 4.  Fill with water and your favorite flowers. I used “callas” this time.  You can store pencils, brushes, scissors, the sky is the limit.

Note:  The ASCP doesn’t need a primer so its super easy and fast.



Hello Friends:

A busy week, I'm on a short trip South (family business) and one or two flea markets.  I hope to do a little bit of "antique flea market shopping" in a new territory for me.  I hear Florida has great markets.  I'll take pictures and post on my trip for you.

As you know the "Antique Flea Market " season starts with the biggest market in the world, "Brimfield"  over 6000 vendors set up in this country little town in Ma.

I had been there two times once as a vendor and another time as a visitor.  The best market is now starts on Thursday, you always see one or two movie stars, TV decorators, and all kinds of collectors.

It is an overwhelming market, but if you do what I suggest you will enjoy and find the rarest antiques in your life.  I hear this year is all about "industrial" and "mid century furniture".

1.  Wear comfy shoes.
2.   Take "grandma's grocery car"
3.   Wear a hat and sunscreen.
4.   Take rain gear, (NE weather )
5.   Take lots of small cash bills (bargain always)
6.   Visit first: the May market, and the oldest, be prepared to wait in line for at least an hour.  I saw Oprah and her entourage there. 
7.   Take a backpack carry water, nutritional bars and snacks.
8.   They have people that will carry big pieces to your car for a fee, so you can continue shopping.  Also the have a great mail service.

9.   Visit a few markets at a time, you cannot see it all in one day.  It pays to get organized and take pictures.  Try to go two days, then two days in July, and two days in September (great weather).

10.  Enjoy the people, dealers and amazing finds.

Have fun and let me know what wonderful items you bought.  This year is all about RH, PB, Wisteria, and of course chippy, cottage, Paris antiques.
great patina letters and more letters, have a wonderful time at Brimfield.



Monday, May 13, 2013

Memories knobs, new finds and a mason jar

Hello friends:

Just finished these great knobs for a family.  They wanted a knob for each city they visited during the last vacation.They came out very well.

A great find, some old books all in matching red, and some silver knives in a cute little tray.  Great estate find.

I also made a beautiful painted mason jar "distressed" for my lilies.

I just painted the jar with my favorite ASCP and distressed a bit to make it look vintage, then place my first Lillie's and voila!!  A tutorial is coming soon.

love to you all



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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Memories of my mom

Hello friends:
Mother : A baby girls feet being held the heart-shaped hands of her mother

How was your week? Hope all is well, around here, we had a beautiful week, the weather was very nice.
Mother's day is a fun holiday for a lot of people, and a time to think about the most important person in a child's life.
I realized how important my mom was after she was no longer here.
I miss her voice, and seeing her. I wished  I had spent more time with her while she was well, but I'm thankful that I had her around me until she went away to a beautiful place.
I look at the pictures once in a while, and I talked to my uncle, that
had a special relationship with her. I love to hear stories about when my mom was single, and as a young girl, etc.
My mother was my guide, my friend, my teacher, my advisor.  She encouraged me to go to college, and to start my own business. I did this with her daily encouragement, as a lot of you know its hard to start a business.  However, I did it together with her daily encouragement.
My mom loved antiques, our home had beautiful pieces that she bought or refinished. She loved lace, handmade clothes, travelling,
cooking, reading, and taking care of her family. 
I believed I was too closed to my mom, but I didn't care, she taught me so much, that only a mother can teach you.
I miss her now more than ever, time goes so fast, and once they are gone, there is no coming back.
I'm so glad I had a nice loving mom. She sacrificed a lot for her children.  She went without for my brother and I. Always thinking of us.   We had our disagreements but we always "kiss and make up". I'm so blessed because I had a great "mom".  Rest in Peace, Mom, you did a great job.

I wish all of you moms a happy day, don't take anything for granted. Life is unpredictable, and always love your children and if your mom is alive, remember, its very hard to say goodbye to your mom. 

Have a happy wonderful day



Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nate Berkus

Hello friends:

Another busy week around here, just when we think we are catching up with work, painting, decoupaging, clay tags, knobs, furniture,Etsy.
 I'm so excited about the next issue of Ki's Flea Market Style magazine and Nate Berkus. He is on the front cover.  Go over to pinterest where she pinned a preview.  Here is a little bit to get you motivated:

Cactus seating. Project to do with a vintage chair. Ouch!Source:  Pinterest

Bracelets from old ties. Fun and funky! Would make cute dog collars too.Source"  Pinterest
Painted sticks. Love them. So simple.Source Pinterest

Here is the link for more, just wonderful inspiration  The magazine is up for sale, but its hard to find. I just grabbed the last issue at my supermarket.

Now you know that my daughter had a drink with Nate while on vacation on MV. She called me
and I said hello to him. He was so sweet and nice. I told him how much I enjoyed his shows, and we chatted about his vacation a bit.  My daughter of course was sitting next to him. She said he was so good looking, much better in person than on TV. He loves "junking" on his vacations, and they shared a nice evening. I was very happy with the phone call.  Of course he loves Nantucket also, and finds lots of junk there too,.

The funny part about all of this is that my favorite decorating program when my daughter was little was Nate's Mom's decorating program.  "From Trash to Treasures"  She was a regular and always had the best shabby chic projects.  I loved her, I was living in the MidWest and enjoyed the programs   From Trash to Treasures went away but Nate came on TV. and one day he had his mom, and I couldn't believe it that she was my favorite decorator and this was her son. It is a small world.
I loved shabby chic for years.and years.  I'm looking forward to the article and hope you enjoy it too.



Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One of my favorite decorating tricks

Hello friends:

We all have favorites, some of us love chairs, some love old doors, cupboards, rugs, furniture and more.  I love to decorate with many things of course antiques, shabby, very rustic and handmade. I also use maps everywhere, I make door knobs with maps, I decoupage drawers with old maps, I make lampshades and more.

Here is some inspiration:

the cutest child's room the maps add to the room.

My knobs
my lamp shades
Another lamp shade I made with an old map.
Hope you enjoyed the inspiration and if you find an old map, decorate with it and send me a picture to feature you on my blog,

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Great furniture!!!!! handpainted

Hello friends:

Things are back to normal around here.  What a week!!!  However, I found some beautiful inspiration that I want to share with you.  These folks paint these pieces in great colors and with a lot of details.  Please visit their facebook page for more pictures.
Go to:!/photo.php?fbid=536467556405632&set=pb.413605038691885.-2207520000.1366594565.&type=3&theater

Here is a preview:

I love the use of color and the great distressing by hand.  They use primarily BM paint and some milk paint.  This is great.


Friday, April 19, 2013

A new day

In the midst of caos, there is light.
Today, we have more trouble here in Boston, however, I'm trying to focus in the beauty of the day, the sun is out, beautiful flowers, and some inspiration for all my friends.

I love Pottery Barn, and these photos are new, lots of seashells and ideas to decorate for spring and summer.

Great simple living room, more shells on the mantle.

Have a wonderful Friday friends.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

A new day

TO all my friends:

My apologies, I couldn't blog because blogger made a mistake on my blog, and I was a bit sick for a while.

Now, we are all well and back to the fun time of blogging.

Thank you for understanding.

We are all very sad and angry around the NE, Boston, because of the tragedy we witnessed.

We are praying for the families and victims and hope that the people who committed these
horrible acts are found soon.

Thank you for your prayers.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love, love, love

Wishing all of you a great Valentine's day.  More snow on the way here, but nothing like the blizzard of last week.

Some sweet inspiration.