Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday garage sales, craft fairs, farmer's market fun, fun, fun

New knob french inspired "hotel"

My new adventure vintage inspired drawer pull knobs, and the clay gift tags.

handmade tag with texture printed "thank you" 2"

a customer favorite, little hearts with numbers

a french stamp knob, imagine a dresser chalk paint, distressed and add these knobs oh la la!!!!!

I did it in honor of Kate and Wlliam, totally handpainted by me. if you like unionjack these would add to your gorgeous dresser, table, desk, hutch, kitchen cabinet, etc etc

Something for the music lover antique sheet music knobs

This is another customer favorite, numbers 0-9 and 10 to 99
They are 2" withe large numbers and 1 1/4" for the small numbers

Italian post stamp knobs

music knobs

antique lace knobs

Italian inspired tag

love tag 2" by 3" with decoupage candle

Now to the fun garage sales, I went to three all on the same street, my town is crazy, people didn't even have tables just lay it all at on the floor.  I got a few very very cheap items, I will take pictures for tomorow's posting stay tuned.
I went to the craft fair it was very cold because it was at the beach, they had some awsome crafts, all kinds, I got a sea star all wired up and with a Maine beach glass.  I will take a picture, you just use it to decorate your plants, I love them.
Then I went to the farmers market and tasted all kinds of exotic foods, like lebanese food, chocolate delights, italian cookies yum yum, almond bread and a lobster spread to die for.
Came home, and started painting an old bureau with the famous chalk paint, I'll show you some of it tomorow when it dries up, you know me and the distressing, oh I almost forgot I watched Shanna's new video in using the wax to distress, she made two videos, I'm still not very good about distressing, she did a great video, but I am afraid I will ruin the entire piece, and then you have to start all over again. I'm saving some money to buy another color of the paint, it is a bit expensive. I only have one can of Loui blue.
I would like the famous white and gray that Miss Mustard Seed and Shanna talk so much about.
I don't have a place to sell other than Etsy and, furniture is so expensive to ship, that people cann't afford it.
Perhaps some day I'll have my own place, one can dream, as of now I'm planning to advertise the bureau on craigs list, one of my favorite places.

Happy Saturday my friends,