Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Something new

Hi friends:

Today is a new finds hunt day.  We love hunting for objects, furniture, pictures, anything others throw away, we love to bring home, friends, family and neighbors problably call us "hoarders" like on the tv show, but this is not true. We are recyclers of good junk, some of us use the furniture or items, some of us sell it on garage sales, the internet, or at flea markets. Some of us give the stuff to our families and friends who love antiques, retro, or vintage items. Some of us keep  everything because we love items with character, stories, good for our crafts, and because... We are all a community of people who love used items. I personally very seldom buy anything new, I don't like poor construction, and really why buy when you can get free????  or if you go to yard sales for very little.  My limit at these sales is $2,00. or free.  I post before that if you go towards the end of these sales, people are tired and they give it away, great tip for you. Some of these items live in our basements, attics, or in our homes.

It is a great way to recycle and, give new life to vintage and antiques.  Sometimes, not so old items.

I need to take some photos of this week new finds.
Here is our Tuesday inspiration, a short post today, girls, I have to run,
Heart Home Magazine A nice vignette with found items, pine cones, a milk bottle, a bunch of old books, and an old mirror, painted white.
Heart Home Magazine I bet you all have a french chair, our "trend" hemp sack pillow, a couple of old suitcases, the mannequin, a neat rug, and voila great corner.
Heart Home Magazinelove the white floors and the fireplace in the bedroom, so romantic.

Have a wonderful Tuesday friends,