Friday, July 1, 2011


I was in Boston, yesterday and, today for meetings.  It was crazy, people, people, kids, and of course the city was all dressed up for the 4th.
The train was packed, standing room only, kids everywhere, parents, aunts, grandmas, with comfortable shoes, and ready to walk the small Bean town.

Well, after my meetings, I had to walk a few blocks, not short ones, long ones, ( I kept stopping to look at the shops and drooled), Neimas Marcus, Anthropology, boutiques, little french bistros, on and on.

Downtown Crossing is my favorite, but "Filenes Basement" is gone, so so sad, it was the biggest bargain around here.

Then, I found my favorite spot headed to Harvard Square to "Sweets"
and had one of their delicious cupcakes, and took the T headed home.

A few pictures for you to get in the spirit, I will take some more pictures of my decorations, (I got my antique flag on my front door) and, a few more things around here.

My newest addition to my shop an antique flag "drawer pull knob"  can you believe it?? I have a collection of the first flags of our country in pictures, including banners.  Pictures are coming... promise.

For now here is a little bit of Boston:
yum yum, look at these!!!!!
Certainly they go all the way out.

The Pops are my favorite, the end of course is magnificent.

The day begins with a flag-raising at 9am and a small parade that visits the Granary burial grounds (where many famous New England patriots of the revolutionary period were laid to rest) before gathering outside the old Historic State House. Situated on the corner of State and Devonshire St, in the days of British sovereignty the building was adorned with the golden Lion and Unicorn, symbolising British rule. This was torn down in 1776 and was not restored for historical purposes until the late 1880s due to the depth of anti-British feeling on the part of the New Englanders. It is from the balcony of the State House that the Declaration of Independence was first read and the tradition continues to this day.

The main festivities occur in the evening, when more than 300,000 people gather on the banks of the Charles River for a performance by the famous Boston Pops Orchestra at the Hatch Memorial Shell before ten acres of grass that is packed full every 4th July, with even more in the audience on the other side of the river and on a flotilla of boats in between. The evening climaxes with a thunderous firework display above the river.

Lionel Ritchie is the big star this year.

more tomorow,

proud to be an American