Wednesday, May 23, 2012

make it and show it

Dear friends:

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An old table, a little paint and voila!!!! a new table.
Thank you for your comments, I love them.
Some more inspiration to make and display.

A little moss, a paper mache or wood letter, some vintage manuscript paper, and your best friend :Mr. Mod Podge, I can't live without him.
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Recycle those bottle caps, very easy,  make some cute magnets.
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Really all you need is a little circle, some numbers from the computer,
and a little magnet from Michael's with a coupon, cheap and lovely,.

Adorable pinwheels(I'm making them tonight, I'll show you how tomorrow, very very easy. You only need, a book page, or sheet music, scissors, and voila, its done)

Love this banner, easy and great for father's day.

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Display your flowers  on this beautiful mason jar
Display fresh flowers in this vintage inspired blossom vase. It features chippy paint and a frog lid to hold the blossoms in place. 7.75

I've always wanted to have an old screen door/window to display jewelry on. I'd paint it a cool color and add some small knobs for hanging necklaces.  Oh, and remember to get some jewelry to put on it.

A window as a jewelry display, so cute.