Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A little snow, a little ice and inspirations

Hello friends:

Its cold here in the NE. we had a few days of very
cold days.  A little snow today, and some ice, just
lovely, for hot chocolate, fuzzy throws, crafts, and

Love days like this, its New England.

A little inspirations and a fun recipe.

My favorites at Etsy:
  • Dew Linen Lavender Satchets
    $9.00 USD

  • BLESSED Burlap Banner- Bunting
    $19.00 USD

  • French Rose Linen Pillow- in Cement Gray and Pink

  • My favorite shop Vintage Junkie:

    I WILL NOT BUY NEW!!! way to go girl, love her

    My favorite "pinterest" pick

    A favorite stationary store "Oblation"  Portland, Oregon,

    love the window display:
    Oblation 3 500x374 Behind the Scenes: Oblation Papers & Press

    oblation 1 500x666 Behind the Scenes: Oblation Papers & Press
    Napa Valley House

    love this Napa Valley California, house, just beautiful don't you think?

    love the kid's room!!!

    dream kitchen, everything at hand, including the veggies, knives, etc.  lovely.