Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flea Market FInds by Matthew Mead

A great preview of his book on   Stephanie Nielson shares her beautiful nursery on this video, she is featured on Matthew Mead's
new book.  She is a fab decorator friends. You can take a pick at the book  on or get the ebook for your kindle. A lot of bloggers are doing giveaways this way is free, and you know here at katecreativesalvage we like freeee.

It is coming out on April 10th,  he has great photos and vignettes, free

templates already out.  You can also buy it for $10.00 at Amazon. Its
a beautiful book or on kindle, for a lot less, if you don't have a kindle
download for free on your computer, and you can read it there, for a couple of dollars, thrifty easy!!!! Money is tight my friends.

I like to save always and I find the bargains, why pay so much since
we have computers and all books are on kindle, and your PC. So
lets go with technology. I just finished a book on my computer from kindle on line, folks 2.99  the hardcover was 38.00 look at the difference, and I'm helping the environment, avoiding so much paper.


This is a wonderful book also from Amazon, its on Kindle if you
want it.