Saturday, July 14, 2012

Katecreativesalvage: From Trash to Treasure

Katecreativesalvage: From Trash to Treasure

Tutorials Pinwheels

Hello friends and happy Saturday. I have to apologize some of you were looking for the tutorial at the bottom of the page, but I forgot to link this page, what was I thinking, this is what happened when you blog late at night. I was on a roll putting a few tutorials together, the videos, and other things that I make so you can make them also. I don't mind sharing, but here it is, hope I link it right. Oh, I'm also trying to go to some parties, be a bit more "out there" its not my style, but in blogland is a what you are suppose to do.

One thing you can do is before you start spray your pages with a sealer to make them stiffer, I didn't because my pages were good. Also if you
like glitter, you can add it on the edges, but I don't like glitter that much, I like things organic, old,original, kind of things, the more "natural" the better.

I made the cute pinwheels and they are so cute, I wanted to share the tutorial with you. I hung them on an old frame I painted, and added some lavender, just for fun. I made some holes and threaded them kind of rustic and organic. You can
hang them with the little clothespin, this is just how I did it.


You need: some book pages, ( I used some pages from an old book that is in bad condition)

You will need: scissors, the old glue gun, a ruler, small clothespins, ( I didn't have any, so I used a hole puncher, and made a hole on each one and thread it some old twine. Your choice.

This is a simple tutorial:

First of all cut your paper into a square 4" by 4"

I am a visual learner, sorry
for my light in this picture, but here you will fold the paper into
the two triangles.

Now, we have two triangles. Take the scissors and cut on each triangle line a little bit towards the middle. You will cut four times.

Now you are ready to fold your first triangle and put a dot of hot glue in the middle, be careful, don't get burned.

Now, make the next fold and glue a dot in the middle.

And you are done, very easy and cute.
Now, you need to decide if you want to use the mini clothespins or run a ribbon or twine like I did.
Just make about seven of them and you will have a beautiful unique pinwheel banner that nobody
else has in their home, feel proud and "make and display" you are a star. If you make one please
send me a picture and I will feature in my blog. A great idea is to make one for "Memorial Day"
red, blue, and white, I am motivated and might do one for the barbecue on Monday,

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and try it.



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