Sunday, July 31, 2011

A little love...

Hi friends:

Sometimes love comes to us in the simplest ways. We had a little "party" to give someone some old fashioned "love" one of those "last minute" close friends only party.
It was a simple "I love you" party, and I wanted to share with you my two table settings.  I did it twice, and decided to go with the second one.  Here are some very quick pictures. I wanted to use a few fresh flowers, my old jars, my handmade tags, and a lot of white, thus, the plates, tablecloth, but I went with the basket, lavender, and vintage linens. 
My first table setting, very traditional with little old jars with daisies, antique plates with tan flowers, and antique little napkins with hand embroidered edges.

I wanted something different, this is the way my mom used to set the buffet table.

This is better, a basket, I got on sale from TJ, my white plates are a mix from Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn, and two bunches of french lavender wrapped in silk ribbon. I inserted the old jars in the basket, and filled them with my own silverware.

I made this candle with vellum paper and a blue clay tag that says "love", and I decorated with my clay "amour" mini tags, like "confetti", I gave each of my friends one to take home as a favor.

My antique plates, but I changed my mind, I liked the white ones, you can see the border of my napkins, they are very old, but beautiful.

The cute little basket from TJMax on sale  for$10.00 Score

The tablecloth is from my collection, I seldom use it because it is very delicate with all the handwork, I bought it on Ebay about five years ago. I had it stashed in my cedar wedding chest.

Fresh lavender just got here to the Farm Market, I actually have it in my garden, but this year our plants are not doing well. So the bunches are from France, they smell so good. And they were only 5.00 a bunch. The ribbon was from my supply bag.

Good night friends,


The reward

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Tomorow, we will announce it, stay tune and have a blessed Sunday