Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 ends too soon!!!

Christmas was such a busy endeavor, it went so fast.
How was yours?? Did you eat all the goodies?, and then more???
I had a great time with my family, eating, playing, watching family videos, playing games, telling stories, laughing, my favorites were the appetizers, the fire going, Jay is from Maine, he can really make and keep that fire going, everyone took a long nap,
and then the party started all over again.
I hope yours was as fun as ours, it is a great thing to
enjoy family and friends.

Well, where did 2011 go?? I can't believe that in a few days we will say 2012, write a new date on our books, and have memories only of the past year.

I want to thank you for allowing me and following my first blog. It was such an experience for me,very different and sometimes challenging, however, I enjoyed each day, and each new follower, friend, there is so much talent, I learned from everyone of you, and spent many cold windy nights reading blog after blog, learning new crafts, new ways of decorating on a budget, praying for some of you, crying with some of you, and laughing with joy as so many of you earned beautiful awards, opportunities, photo shoots, featured on magazines, new finds, trash to treasured, and my favorite "PB,Anthr.,B, Wist, knock offs"  I just can't believe how some of you can
make such beautiful things to looks just like our favorite stores, kudos to all of you.
My new thing in 2011 is antique sheet music, I love it, I have a piano, so its all over the house. I started with one wreath, and I got hooked. Another beauty was the famous "chalk paint", ASCP, I felt in love immediately. I love "easy" since I'm not a painter at all.
I will share some of my favorite projects later,

love you all,