Sunday, February 10, 2013

What is? dark+cold+white= a BLIZZARD

Hello visitors and followers from Florida, California, Italy and wherever there is "sun" and "blue Skies".

Here in beautiful quaint, Charles Dickens," little Hingham, Ma.
it looks like life stopped on FRIDAY,  schools were closed, you had to stay inside and couldn't go anywhere for 48 hours, just look out the window in a cold house without lights, no TV, no hot water,
and just wait until the plows begun to get people out.

I waited for the noise of plows, but finally decided that I needed to get out, so after shovelling for four hours we drove to a near town that had lots of restaurants and generators, however, we were all disappointed to find only one "Chinese restaurant opened"  and the line was so long that we had to go back without our food.

Our town decided to stage a "warming center", in a middle school.

Well, we decided to get warm and went in to find lots of people, children (no pets allowed)  a fantastic spread of soups, chicken and
salads, rolls, fruit salads, water, tea, coffee, sodas, and more.
They even had a "charging center" for our ipads, iPhone, computers"  alleluia, !!!!!

They had warm army new blankets, pillows and cots, the National Guard full of young officers that couldn't do enough for you.  I asked for a blanket while I ate because my fingers were frozen.

Then, we all compared cold beds, darkness, fireplaces, and no showers, the kids were actually bored, they wanted to go out and play.

Around 10:00 PM  the center was about to close, and we were all invited to spend the night, some did, and some went back home to the dark, cold beds with five blankets, our coats, hats, and gloves on.  I went to sleep after reading half a book.

Morning came and we all went back to the "Warming center"
This time we were served a gourmet breakfast,with all kinds of goodies, healthy and warm drinks, we all charged an array of phones, computers, iPhone, ipads for the kids.
This time the kids had their own area full of (1000 pieces puzzles, books, crayons, etc etc.)  to pass the time.  Parents compared stories about that 5 people in a bed generates a lot of heat.  I live in a house that has very very tall ceilings, and huge drafted windows, so we needed a lot of people in our bed and tons of blankets, sweaters.

They were so many people at the "charger station" that you had to get a number and were allowed 45 minutes only to charge.
They announced another gorgeous dinner for tonight, its open 24/7
now, and the number of people more than double.  We talked and compared phones, blankets, what to do to pass a very long day, some chose the movies, other to take photos, I went to another town that had lights and had latte and spent the morning at my favorite Starbucks.  It was crowded no tables or chairs.

Everyone asked each other:  are you coming tonight?  and a lot of people said yes, its better than no food at home and a dark cold house.

Most people leave the "warming center" around 11:00 PM to go home to a cold dark night.
I experienced the blizzard of 98 in Ct. 2 weeks without power and it was January, but we decided to go to another teacher's house that had power.
Its not the same but it is a learning experience that I will never forget, oh I forgot to tell you the question of the day in the "warming center"  is  "How did the pilgrims survive"

Its rough here, they are saying that Scituate, Norwell, Cohasset and some Quincy will get power in five days.  Who knows??

More tomorrow..... Starbucks in less crowded and I'm off to the
"warming center"  let me tell you I'm a good driver on ice and snow, but driving here today is so dangerous and it feels like Boston not like my New England little town.


I took tons here are some.

 A hawk sits around

this is how we travel no cars.

Very difficult driving, I went off many times.

THe real thing
Another  drift.

North Andover snow angel.jpg

phoCOsnow FEA1_0213.jpg
After the blizzard - Bark St.the day after!!!!!

XOXO  back to get warm,