Friday, June 8, 2012

Make and Display Rustic, Industrial Lamps

Hello Friends:

Happy Friday, I love Steam punk lamps from Anthropology, Pottery Barn, but not their prices.
I decided to make my own, I love the old Telegraph Insulators Rustic, steampunk, table lamps. People sometimes throw them away, or not even know what they are. I find them interesting and so vintage, industrial.  I love them next to lace, lavender bunches, books, and you have a vignette, but now, you can have an industrial lamp made by me. Its gorgeous, I love it, sorry but I can't believe I'm making these lamps out of discard pieces, I have some more designs on the works, a surprise.

 So here is my latest design. I did the base, and drill the hole for it, then sanded it and stained it.  I had a good friend an electrician do the wiring since I'm not that good at it.  I had the Insulator, this is my favorite color, its beautiful at night, so romantic.

I placed the light on top of a French turquoise poem antique book, one of my favorite little books.
I don't know if you can see it but it looks so pretty on the typewriter antique table.

I took this picture so you can see the color, its hard, sorry to take pictures of lights.

I wish you could see the light in person, its a soft teal, I just lay some lavender of course, behind it, so vintage with the lace, old books, ready to listen to music or you can use them as night lights also.

This picture has  another insulator in the back.

The turquoise light is beautiful, I waited until it got dark to take the pictures, because it looks
so stunning at night.  It has a 5ft. cord with an on/off switch and a candelabra bulb,

What do you think??

On to the new finds, I found this gorgeous French desk, totally blue and distress.

It has lots of little drawers, and there was a surprise inside one of the drawers,
I found several tiny old crystal knobs.  Each drawer has a keyhole but I didn't find
any keys.

I love the new find, it has plenty of distressing, but I got my hands on it already,
I'll show you the pictures tomorrow.

Great find,

Wish you great junking Saturday,