Monday, March 14, 2011

My other wreath

This is the flower wreaths, this was very challenging, however, rewarding, how do you like it?


Hello friends, I just finished both wreaths, I will try to do a tutorial if anybody wants the directions, please tell me if you like them.
I tried to do the "robbin's nest blue" thingy on my mantel.
sorry for the crooked picture, anyway let me know here are more pictures
<a href="" title="check this site, incredible photography on Twitpic"><img src="" width="150" height="150" alt="check this site, incredible photography on Twitpic"></a>

great photography at this site, reasonable prices, love love the antique surfboards, the garlic, the pump, and the antique tractor.  click on or view them on my twitter site  katesalvage@twitter
or on kate'screative on facebook.

nice nice photos for your home.

IT's Monday

Good Morning friends:
Today, I got some good news on my email. The wonderful Tara from fabulesslycrafty  is going to advertise my blog, and, will do a feature and give away. Of course, I hope you all participate, I'm giving away a big surprise!!!! I know you will want it.
Anyway, this blogland is so nice and I made so many friends here, and most of them believe in God, and are Christians, is so nice. I love the parties, and I'm addicted to the DIY, these group can take PB, Anth, and Ball anytime and, better.
Have you seen MsMustardSeed union jack dresser, its to die for.
By the way, the advertising is free for three months, a blessing, because I couldn't afford it, at this time.

Well, please visit her today and also  she made a fantastic wreath and redid a shutter, got a ton of hardware, I mean a ton of beautiful knobs, for $20.00 in Michiga.  WOW love a bargain.  Her blog is so cute, please visit her.

Have a great Monday, I will post again tonight.