Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Antiques and children do mix.

Hello friends:

This post is about antiques and children.
I used to take my girls on "antique field trips"
okay, get a few snacks and a day of fun. AWe stopped at every shop, garage sale, and loaded the car.
Consequently our home had a baby grand antique
piano from Chicago,  a child's high chair (oak),
tons of antique chairs, bureaus, mirrors, and more.
My youngest was 2 and my oldest was 5 so, to them it didn't matter, they loved the old stuff.

I was reading Veranda and there is an article about
collecting and kids.

She comments that a scratch here or there gives the antique character LOL

Francesco Lagnese

Let kids’ bedrooms grow with them.

As cute as baby rooms are, they usually aren’t too practical. Williams suggests planning a room that can fit the child’s needs so you don’t have to completely redecorate every few years. “For toddlers, try to have as much floor space as possible—they play with toys and do everything on the floor, so they’ll want room to roam,” she says. “Older children tend to prefer trundle beds or bunk beds—basically anything that makes it easier to have sleepovers.”

This is a great article for inspiration and for ideas on how to decorate with beautiful antiques and still be "kid friendly"  You can read the full article on "veranda" on line.

Great ideas,