Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Boxes, suitcases, trunks full of Christmas stuff!!!!

Its time to open them up, I started with two, found some beautiful music ribbon from last year Pottery Barn on sale of course, found 
my Kmart on sale after Christmas pale french blue
ornaments. In the other suitcase I found some
beautiful glitter birds, and old fashioned checker
red and white ribbon, also some pretty tags for my clay tag little tree.
I usually have more than one tree, the big one, and then my little one with tags, and another one with
just very old country ornaments, fun fun fun.
Tomorow I will decorate the small one for the kitchen, I usually fill it with my handmade tags:

I had a collection of Christmas tags that I made, and
the tree has little white lights, its going to be fun
decorating this little tree, pictures, tomorow.

I had often garlands of pop corn and cranberries, beautiful cookies decorated, candy and dry orange slices,
and different edibles, the small tree sits on a terracotta pot and afterwards we would plant it in the back yard.

Wreaths of historical Williamsburg  absolutely lovely, don't you think????

Easy-to-Make Christmas Centerpieces

Don;t forget the centerpiece for the table:
white and pastel dining room

green and white place setting

Wine glasses and glass urn filled with white and silver bulb ornaments

white armoire beside garland-ed window

Dream bathroom with a touch of CHristmas  Beautiful!!!white master bathroom sink

I'm decorating my bedroom, I have an antique iron bed,
its all white of course, and I'm adding one of my boxwood wreaths
and a little something to the mirror, what do your think???????

,white master bedroom with wreath

close-up of wreath

This is simple and it would look great in your bedroom.
Wintery evergreen bouquet

A beautiful wreath I made for the top of one of my wreaths.
Fleur-De-Lis Medallion Christmas Ornament

I also made stars with glitter around them, the are great little ornaments and of course HANDMADE,
you made it not CHina and not Pottery Barn but YOU.

Script Star Christmas Ornament

Music sheet and antique book pages cut into strip make great handmade ornaments. I made a lot of these, and I taught a three year old to make them, well he help mommy.

Paper-Stuffed Christmas Ornament

I made a bunch of these last year, and they are all waiting carefully arranged in the suitcase.

Christmas Cornucopia

Christmas Cornucopia

A decoupage ornament I made, you can use other images from Christmas cards, magazines, I used
a damask napkin from Home Goods on sale $2.00 and made 10 ornaments. I love to decoupage, so there we simple but elegants,

Red and white detail ornament

Memory ornaments are one of my favorites, this is one that is simple, but you can make them
in many ways, black and white pictures, or sepia, the kids love to see their pictures on the tree.
Picture Frame Christmas Ornament

I painted a few of these, if you want I have the instructions, they are simple.

Scenic Ornament

This ornament will WOW your family and friends, so easy, go ahead and try it.
Ribbon and bead ornament

This next ornament will add sparkle and light to your decoration.


What to do with the Green ball Christmas ornament covered with satin stripsoldies that need something new, here are some ideas:;

Solution: Cut 5/8-inch ribbon into 1-1/2- and 2-inch-long strips (for an average-size ornament). Glue the strips to the ball, starting at the bottom with three rows of shorter strips and finishing the middle and top with longer strips. Creative use of ribbon, flapper-style, saved this ball from the trash.

Nice no???

Another one, we all have them in our storage suitcases or boxes.

Pink ball Christmas ornament with bow

Solution: Hide the scratches with velvetribbon. Apply a line of hot glue to the ornament, starting at the top and going all the way around the ball. Adhere a strip of ribbon to the ball. Repeat so you have six evenly spaced ribbon lines running down the ball. Glue ribbon loops to the top of the ball so they drape over the ball. For the topper, fold over some ribbon three times, going back and forth, so it looks as if you laid three bows on top of each other. Make a final loop around the center of the layered ribbon, and tie or glue to the top

Another one that I did, I love them, but this one is with Christmas paper. simple but so old fashioned, I also made them with Christmas hymns.
Printed Paper with Sayings

Same idea but with a twist, card stock rolls and  sticker letters, just so cute.

Paper Inside -- Rejoyce

Now this is all over blogland
Felt Pinecone Christmas Ornament

Felt Christmas Tree Cutout Ornament

This is all felt, waxed paper, sheers scissors, and very easy to do, please let me know if you want
the pattern.

Felt Rosette Christmas Ornament

Lets move on to the outside, I like this table with the antique lanters, cute and unique no?????a warm welcome of mixed lanterns on table

Oh, Christmas Tree

A bunch of carolers similar old buckets filled with snow and candles, so cute.

Window box with white lights and pine greenery

Fill a window box with greenery studded with lights to glitter in the icy air all season long.

White Weathered Bench Decorated With Pinecones and Pine Garland

Love the benches with big bulbs and pine cones, simple pine cuts from the yard, 

Beautiful toppers:  something different

Framed Silhouette Tree Topper

Angel Tree Topper
My favorite, I got one at Macys three years ago, just beautiful.

Snowflake Tree Topper

Jingle Bell Tree Topper

Very popular

Music Star Tree Topper

Very popular, all over blogland.  I have the tutorial if you are interested.

Big Bow Tree Topper

Gorgeous, Oh la la

Evergreen Trio


Joy Plates

Love JOY and the plates, so fab

Picnic basket with plant

Fireside Comfort
love americana  love
 the pinecones garland, little pots, candles, 

Nuts About Christmas

nuts about Christmas

Red and Gold plate

love this so french

Nigella Lawson Christmas Entertaining

Come back tomorow for the best menus for our Christmas feast.  The English know how to cook,
and I thought we could explore new menus, and desserts for December 24 and 25.

Nigella Lawson's from the  FOOD TV NETWORK is one of my favorites, she is English but understands
american food.

Come back and I'm sure you will enjoy it, after all the meal, the desserts are important ,lets get ready
and have a great dinner.

enjoy my friends and keep doing a little everyday, and your home will look festive and you can relax'
knowing that you are ready to celebrate the most important holidays that we Americans and Christians
love, The birth of Jesus, and the story of his wonderful life.

love you


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