Sunday, June 19, 2011


I made two tags for Father's Day for my Etsy shop.  Writing this post was a little hard for me this morning.  My dad passed away a few years ago, he went to a beautiful place in a peaceful way.

You see, (tears) sorry, I had the most extraordinary father a girl can have, I'm not bragging, but today, we see so much about people on tv, and I teach so I deal with a lot of kids without a father, or with an emotional absent father.

Well, my Dad was so dedicated to my brother and I, he took us to the other side of the world, since he was a missionary.  He got up everymorning and had "devotions" simple reading of the Bible, one book a week, we read it many many times, we had breakfast that he prepared, a prayer, and off to school we went.
At 3:00 sometimes he wasn't home, but when he was home, I went upstairs to his office, he had a mahogany old huge rolltop desk, I loved the cubbys, and I did my homework with him.
After the homework, we had dinner, play outside or piano lessons, and prayers, a story and went to bed.

My dad gave me something that money cannot buy, he gave me principles, by example, he gave me belief in the power of God wherever you are, he gave me compassion for the needy, he gave me the best inheritance a father can leave a child, his EXAMPLE.
He was a small men, 4 ft tall, but he didn't have a car, he walked everywhere, helping the needy, preaching, just helping people in a foreign country and telling them that there is hope, you just have to believe and change your life.

They are multiples stories about papa, but today even thou he is resting in heaven, I remembered his last two years of his life, the best times, we didn't want him to go, so my brother and I kept him on this earth just by saying it. Finally he went it was beautiful.
I was thinking today, I want to go in the same peaceful way, They had a blackout in the city, and my dad said I see this bright light, I see my brother, come with me, but we were with candles and flashlights, but he entered the kingdom with bright lights.

I am the woman I am today because of an extraordinary father, a man who understood that to be a father is a big commitment, and responsibility.

Thank you papa for being my Dad,

martha  (tears)