Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Dear Friends:

I am so happy, we reached our  "200 th. follower. I am so thankful, and humbled, that 200 beautiful people follow my little blog. Bloggers are great people, usually professional woman, moms, that
have careers or had a career and now they enjoy a second part time career in DYI, decorating, painting furniture with Chalk paint, or latex, making cute chalkboards, pillows, signs, pinwheels, and much much more.  What I really like about bloggers is their creativity, ideas, guts,
and just good common sense.  Why buy new when
you can take something from the past, and make it
beautiful again?  I could never understand people
who buy "new".  I hate stuff from China, I'm sorry, but our furniture, lamps, dishes, rugs, etc.
has texture, character, and will save our earth.

Thank you for following my blog, I enjoy writing
and all of your comments.

I would like to thank one blogger that has helped me and encouraged me not to give up, her name is Denise, from the "Pink Postcard" blog, she is so talented, and sweet, we email each other and exchange ideas, thanks Denise, for being even we live in different coasts, we can be "friends".

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  As you know I enjoy blogging is better than therapy.I'm not one to show all my dirty laundry, and I don't make any money with this blog, so its just fun,
and friendship with gals that like antiques, vintage
collections, junk, paint, crafts, and don't care if people call us names, and don't understand our obsession with the past.  But to find a little piece in such bad condition, then transform it into a great piece is fabulous

I'm working on this little table with lots of details.
It needs a lot of work, but after the "transformation"
its going to be beautiful.  I'm thinking white with
what else but blue accents, it has a lot of little
thingis everywhere.

Have a wonderful day,