Sunday, March 18, 2012


Hello Friends:

Happy Sunday:

Here in the beautiful NE we have a beautiful sunny day and warm temperatures.
This is the beginning of nice weather for nesting, hunt
for vintage finds, antiques, yard and estate sales galore, its so much fun.

We are all excited about the Annie Sloan visit to Boston, we will learn a lot.

I'm working on my favorite craft:  Antique book pages wreaths, garlands, roses, lamps, and more.
I love to work with old books and decoupage, and such, I find this very relaxing, and today I needed a
calm kind of day, do you have days like this??? I'm sure you do, I'm a very sensistive person, and yesterday, I had a very upsetting day, do you have days like this?  where you try so hard to please but
nothing works right, well, yesterday I had an unfortunately incident, I'm sure you had them, so today is craft city in my place.  Thanks to my friends in blogland for their help I'm making this, I will take
photos later when I'm done.  I just wanted to write on my diary and my blog.

My inspiration comes from the sweet nester, her home and taste is
my kind of decorating, love her house.



Love her sister's party decorations,


Congratulations to this amazing author, check out the book, its great,