Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Saturday!!! Field trip to the Fresh Market

Happy Saturday friends,around here they have yard sale after yard sale, I have a summer cold, so I don't think I can go but you know how we are, perhaps, I'll feel better.

I got some pictures to share, one of the things I love is to put vignettes together. I try to have one or two in my home, not too many because then, it gets to be too much.

Well, my supermarket here decided to decorate a la shabby chic and they had a smart decorator put these vignettes together. Be aware that they are lots of vignettes around the store, so I just asked if I could take some pictures for you all.
This is the type of market that I just go for a treat, and, I worked hard this week on the blog, the furniture, the etsy shop, the house, the family, the laundry, the list is never ending that I decided to go and treat myself, because that is all you can do there, unless you have lots of money, they don't take coupons.

You want to know what I got, well, first a cup of amaretto coffee, some sushi,tasted cheese, and ice cream. I came home with some flowers, more sushi, and delicious cookies.yam yam

Here are the vignettes.
This is one of my favorites because I love instruments and music. I have a lot of very old family instruments,like the cello, a violin, a piano, and a flute.  but the picture is no good, sorry, I need to save my pennies to get a cannon soon.

THis is the same picture but I wanted you to know how high the vignettes are.

I'm sorry about the picture actually is one of my favorites, there are four trunks and they painted the globe on a distressed blue and they outlined it with chalkboard paint, really neat. I see if I can get another picture.

my favorite, love the simple chairs and table and the ceiling tin as a wall

Love the bottles a la PB

This one is in the ice cream session, get it get it, are they smart oh what

this one is by the eggs, butter, milk of course

I cann't remember where this one is located, they have so many its hard to keep track, I didn't take pictures of all because I'm not feeling very well with my summer cold.

This one I love being a teacher  and I have the easel, the desk and the basket not the poster or picture

We;; I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Next week make sure to follow my blog, because we are having the annual house tour in my town. Only six houses, they are very very old, I mean old, I saw the brochure. I don't know if they will let me take pictures, but they are magnificents.  I went last year, and I couldn't believe the renovations and how they kept the architecture to the period, but they look very up to date once you are inside. Stay tune, at least I will take pictures from the outside , just to see how old, some of them I was looking today on line and they are from the 1700, I love history and very very old homes, with the little doors, and low ceilings, and crooked floors, oh well, but I do like a modern bathroom , and kitchen , also a fireplace in the kitchen and in the master bedroom,  oh well one can dream,.

Have a great Saturday my friends