Thursday, January 13, 2011

snow, snow, and, more snow

We had a blizzard, we lost electricity, and the temperature is very low, we are left with beautiful views, snow, and lots of ice.  It looks like a postcard, so beautiful

found some old rusty scissors, they cut very well, can you imagine, as rusty and old still work.

new finds on etsy

I just found some new things, two candlelabras, not old but cute, and old milk crate, some very old rusty scissors, I just love rusty, chippy. an used by someone a long time ago.

Miss Mustard seed creations

I just love this blog, she has a great challenge, please go there and cut and paste her button, you will learn so much, she does beautiful work on her pieces, I'm beginning to learn about my style, right now is junk, antiques, a little of this and that.  I have to eliminate a lot of junk and create a style.