Wednesday, May 11, 2011


WOW!!!  I almost forgot to tell you my friends about the biggie around here.  The Brimfield Antique Show is May 10-15.

My first time at the Brimfield Antique Show was two years ago, what an experience.  I got up at 4:30 A.M. and picked up a couple of friends who were planning to set up at Brimfield, we all went in a caravan.  I was so overwhelmed when we arrived.  It was miles and miles of cars, hundreds of trucks, trailers, tents, from all over the USA.  I couldn't believe it. We had stopped for coffee to talk about the event and, the two friends kind of warned me, but it was so awsome, I couldn't wait.

Well, I wore my comfortable sneakers, we had plenty of water, and we arrived.  After helping my friend set up her tent, and haul everything out of her truck, we needed a brake.  We had a coffee, however, people started to show up early, and it was mobs of people all day long.

We took turns visiting other pavillions, my favorite was "J.J."  I was told last year that the famous Martha Stewart was in, also, Ophra, and other movie stars.  I didn't see anybody, but "J. J" its worth all the walking, and overstimulation, let me tell you.

After lunch, I got more gutsy and, visited a few other booths, and, soon it was getting to be early evening.
It was the most fun and excitement I had in a long time.

I'm planning to go again, and I will be taking pictures for you all, keep looking on Sat. and Sunday.  Two years ago, I didn't take pictures, I was too busy looking, dreaming, uh, and oh!! for a first timer at Brimfield this was all I could take in.

If you are near Ma. stop by, its an experience you will never forget and, the bargains are there, especially, early morning, and on the last day.



New trends

Great trends:  We all know about the huge topography trend, the colors aqua and brown or aqua and black combinations, vintage chic furniture, french furniture, industrial chic railroad cars coffee tables, I loooove these!!
check the blog "design sponge" for more mini trends.