Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dear Friends and Moms:

What a beautiful thing to be a "Mom", when I think and remember my Mom (she is gone with the Lord) I tried to remember the happy times, some where going antiquing or junking together, she loved antiques.  Other times our rituals on Sunday dinner, this was so fun.
Another ritual was having coffee, sweets or homeday goodies around her kitchen table.

We used to go shopping to Home Depot and Macys a lot also.

I remembered my mom as to the best mom anybody could have, she was loving, honest,
a great wife, great cook, great homemaker, intelligent, well read, well traveled, dedicated to her two children and her husband.
I have a picture of both of my parents by my bedside, and everytime I look at the picture a new memory comes to mind, what a beautiful memory.
In this awful world full of inadequate parents, I'm always grateful for my mom.
Sometimes when I was a teenager I was mad at her, but I don't remember the bad times, only the good times.  My mom worked very hard to raise my brother and I, we didn't come from a rich home, however, she gave me "examples", actions, that money cannot give a child.
I will always remember you "mami"

Mothers Day Party