Sunday, August 14, 2011

BOOKCASES, how to decorate

Hello friends:

Thanks for all the comments on the "weekend party" idea. Today, I want to talk to you about my nightmare, "bookcases".  I have a beautiful oak and brass antique bookcase. I cannot paint it, because is in the "family" so, the problem is the "mess", I can't keep it straight.
I need to take a picture, not today, but I promise to take a picture of the before and after.

Take out all the drawers, paint and wallpaper, and voila, you have a bookcase ,my  problem, I already have one.
bookcase after
to this BHG
Now, this is the way I would like my "bookcase" to look, ah you too?
Country Living, different??
dresser before
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dresser after
bookcase before
from this to this, BHG
custom bookshelves line walls of eclectic bedroom
New York apartment Love the books, mix with collectibles, pictures, art,
this I found on
one way to solve the problem if you have a lot of books (courtesy of HGTV)

A girl can dream,  courtesy of the Queen of decorating Martha Stewart.

moving on

Well, enough inspiration, I know a lot of people organize by size, color, height their books.  I didn't, I organized them by topics, then I added some "collectibles" my favorite things, some more books going the other way.
I thought about covering some books with white paper, have you seen that??  give me some ideas PLEASE.
I promise I will show you the mess, I'm so ashamed, but I use my books too much, so everything gets out of order.

Oh well, good friends, talk to you tomorrow,

love and blessings,