Thursday, July 7, 2011

SUMMER...boating...lobsters...and my own buoy

Good evening friends:

I love SUMMER, its so short, by August around here sometimes you need a sweater, and the water is cold.  Right now its beautiful, lots of swimming, eating good fresh seafood, ice cream, the merry go round, miniature golf, arcade games, lots of people enjoying God's creation, the ocean.

Since I live 5 minutes from this summer paradise, I took a little ride today to take a look at the real buoys and, to talk to the lobster guys.

Well, they are not giving those babies away, only the ugly ones, the foam ones.
I looked at the 20 lbs lobster and it make me hungry, it was only 10:00 a.m.

I walked around the pier, and  I took pictures of my "babies"  (big buyois) for you,

Explanation:  "The oar", I had it for years, but this year it got a makeover.  I painted it with the"expensive" Chalk paint, waxed it with the white,  (very very little), then the dark wax, carefully, you only need a little because it becomes dark fast, if you put a lot.  Oh oh, sorry I distressed it with the sand paper, not the electric thingy, I was lazy. For a novice "chalk paint aprentice" I think it was okay.
Please write to me, I need your critique, its going in the living room. I have to put a special hook on the wall.

Now the buoy, this is a heavy one, an original all wood.  I used acrylic paint both red and blue because I didn't have any "real paint" that bright.  Then I distressed it a lot by hand again "a la PB"  and spray a non toxix protector.  I'm putting it on my mantle, I have a little "beachy" theme going, when I'm done, I will show you.
Its kind of done, but I think I have too many shells, and sand on it, I have to re-do the shells, and put my baby up.  I kind of like the bright colors.

Oh I almost forgot, the numbers, easy, HD stick on numbers, the best. Its suppose to be pretty distressed, rough, just like the fishermen, they all look distressed from the sea, and tired.  They sold out of lobsters by 10:00 a.m. so they were out all night. You can get a stencil and paint the numbers with acrylic paint, but I like the vinyl numbers, plus I didn't have any stencils.
What do you think? 

I love your comments, and I answered all of them.

I have a source for the old buoys if you want one, just email me.  She sells them in the rough, they are white and pretty used, perfect for the distressed look.

have a great summer evening