Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm obsessed

Hope you had a great Memorial Day Holiday.I am obsessed with coffee sacks. I love them and then I found these...

This beautiful cushions are made with coffee sacks, Viva Terra is an online store with some unique furniture.  Go here:

I love the coffee sacks, about a year ago a famous store for us DYI in the East Coast called Bldg. 19

really is a huge store that has all kinds of goodies for very little money.  Well, they had thousands of these sacks for 1.00 ea.  I was in heaven, some nicer than others, but I have never seen so many.
The owners of Bldg.19  get leftover from big stores and you can really score there sometimes.
Rugs and mattresses are very cheap, I'm talking oriental rugs and brand names mattresses.

Love this chair done with a coffee sack by

This adorable rocker from here:
cute and inexpensive.

Now, this is a bit more fancy and so cute.  This chair is by

This site sells the coffee sacks, they list a phone number, I get mine FREE, I go sometimes to this tiny
coffee shop where the guy roasts his own beans and he buys them in Central America.  He thinks he sells gold, the cups are one size only and not cheap.  But, he once in a while gives me a sack or two, nice  guy, but I like Starbucks coffee, but believe me, they don't give the sacks to the public.  Now I just have to start upholtering,  oh what's that, it sounds HARD, I have never done anything like that.

Have you?   But this looks simple you just need a staple and the sacks, and voila you did it.

Make and display post.

You are talking with someone who is even afraid to use the DRILL, I'm slowly loosing the fear, but
not yet,, I'm making something that needs the help of a drill, so I'm learning.  I rather work with pencils and chalk, and kids.

One more picture I love:

 This is talent so cute.  This site is

Write to me I want to know if you ever done something like this.

Have a wonderful day or evening, I'm going to make friends with my drill and
power saw,  its going to take a long time, but we need to make friends once and
for all, I don't want to depend on Mr. I want to do it.


Happy crafting, I'm almost done with the Moss covered letter, I'm putting the tutorial together for you, its a fun project, but I'm warning you, wear gloves, and go slow, its not a fast project, it takes time, but
\its beautiful, very earthy, and organic.

to be continued...