Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 I will never forget that day

This is a sad day for all of us who lost friends, neighbors, family, children on 9/11 ten years ago.

I will never forget that day.  I was in my classroom when all of the sudden my classroom changed.  The Principal spoke on the intercom  and instructed us to close all windows, lock the doors, and stay in our rooms.  My heart was palpitating but I was calm and told my kids, (14 years old) to  stay calm, I thought it was a false alarm.
All of the sudden a teacher came in and told me to get the kids ready to go home, and didn't give me details.  I got everybody ready, and they left not knowing what happened.  I went into the hallway, and I was told about the two planes from Boston, and to go home as soon as possible.
I was crying, shaking, I just wanted to talk to my kids, my family, we were all safe and okay, but the radio was talking about the two towers, the Penn. flight, and then the DC plane. I couldn't drive fast enough, I made it home, and my neighbors were outside.  We lost a lot of friends, husbands, and we were all so sad.

Of course schools were cancelled, and we all watched the TV constantly and cried.  I made chicken soup,  (cans)  and grilled cheese sandwiches,  and prayed for the victims.  It was a weary feeling when I thought the two men left Logan Airport that morning to crash the planes.  How could this be possible???

When I returned to work, it took us a long time to go back to "normal",  we wrote letters, we drew pictures, we had talks, small groups, kids cried and felt very sad.  I had no answers, just that eventually we will find out the "why's"  we tried to get back to "normal", but everybody was in a sad mood.

I will never get over this horrible tragedy, as a Christian, I forgive "because they don't know'
what they are doing"  but I cann't respect people who kill innocent people in order to gain salvation or gain good deeds from their higher power.  I know that we all have our own beliefs and religion, however, this particular form of extreme worship makes me tremble.  When I saw the terrorists on the cabin  praying to their higher power, getting ready to die, and take all the innocent people with them, I lost all my respect for them.  I remembered saying to myself, "what is this?"  do they really believe in a higher power???

I say it again, I do forgive because "they don't know what they are doing" just like Jesus said in the cross, we have to forgive them, but its hard to forget.

I pray today for the families and hope that they are healing from such an injustice.