Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My handmade drawer pull was featured tonight

So exciting, this drawer pull knob handmade by me with an antique lace was featured by a curator on Etsy, love it!!!!!
vixendesigner vixendesigner
July 13 2011 11:12pm EDT
You have been featured......

A surprise!!!!! Thank you GOD

Hello friends:  Nate from Twitter, but tonight he is on my phone, I cann't believe it. He is sooo sweet. Thanks Nate, have a great time with my family.  We all watch you everyday, and looove you.

We all love surprises, and life brings lots of them. I personally love them, but a lot of people don't like them/

Well, tonight I had one of those surprises that we all dream of but very seldom realized, one of my dreams is to go to the Nate Burkis show, and meet him in person.  I love Nate, I love his style, his personality, his DYI projects, his "curb" excursions, his estate sale finds.  Most of all how he takes something and, transforms it into a beautiful thing. His show is the BEST.
Well, I live far from N.Y. so I didn't get to go there yet, but tonight, I got a phone call and, one of the members of my family was sitting next to him, talking, and they called me. I couldn't believe it, and then he sent me a picture, I couldn't breath. I was so taken by hearing his voice, and all,it was the best surprise.
Of course, he wouldn't know me, little me with 45 followers trying to learn how to paint furniture. But we have something in common I love old furniture, and love to paint it, and we both love flea markets and estate sales.
Well, I couldn't wait to tell you this,I'm soooo excited. My family member was so excited, he is sooo nice, and to think he is a CELEBRITY, one of the biggest in the interior design business.

Well, this is all my blogging today, I'm so excited. SURPRISES ARE SO NICE and they happened when you least expected.

love his "house proud"  from Nate Burkis twitter

love to you all,
Kudos to Nate,