Monday, May 2, 2011

Inspiration white bedrooms, and blue chippy phone

Love the white table on the first picture, love the headboard on the second picture, and finally love the ceiling on the third bedroom.  The chippy phone and the blue hangers are adorable, I don't know where I got those, but I would love to paint a phone like that, (I don't think I can paint that good)  o well its all inspiration to redo our bedrooms.  I will take some pictures of mine, its coming, the best part of the bedroom is the door, very very old, and the iron and brass bed, the rest needs work, like the bureau, night table etc etc.

Are you inspired yet??? all we need is paint right?  no we need a few items, like new bedding, new comforter, new lamps, and a few cute things like the phone and the hangers, and how about the handmade books?????
A girl can dream with country living magazine, I love their pictures, just great put together bedrooms.