Monday, July 2, 2012

From Not so trashy to a treasure? and a Beach House

Hello sweet friends:

Sometimes, we find pieces that are not so bad, I'm still working on my big desk, its almost finished but I discovered a big surprise, got a bit sad about it, but "where there is a will there is a way"  so it will get

Here is a little inspiration I did a chest like this one but I like this version from "TypeA" the handles

Mine is a bit different, if you click on my blog on the page "Sofia" you'll see it.
Love the green/blue chest
I love the Beach House Decor, and I stumbled upon this beauty from Florida.

Huge topiaries in beautiful stone urns, coral, just an entrance.

The chandelier is so beautiful.

A comfortable and relaxing family room, you don't even notice the tv on top of the fireplace.  Some people have a problem with this, I love how it looks in this room.

 Cozy corner in the kitchen, love love.This is from Cozy Casual Home.  Love these homes.

Enjoy the inspiration,