Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Friday:

Hello friends:

Cleaning continues, "Irene" really hit us hard, between lights, and trees down, everything takes a lot of time.  I don't know if any of you have been without lights for a long time, but not even "football" games can calm the anxiety of my neighbors.
Foxboro, Ma. (this is the town where the Patriots and Giants played last night)  the entire town is without power, water, since Irene landed here.  However, the stadium has lights because they get it from other places.  You can imagine the frustration of the residents.
I went to a little farm market yesterday in a neighboring town, and they didn't have power.  Most of the vendors were from the Cape Cod area.
We are very lucky to have the lights back, but you can't help to feel bad when 10 minutes from my house they don't have lights.

Priorities change after an experience light "Irene".

I hope you forgive me for writing so much about these issue, but I'm reminded everyday of this horrible Sunday.  I remembered watching a tree swinging back and forth on the side of the house, and waiting when it would land on the house, well it didn't but oh boy we were very very scared.

Thank the good Lord, we are safe here, but everything in my town changed, so many many beautiful trees are down, and they are beginning chopping and cleaning today.  Here are some pictures:

Multiple large trees fell on houses on Park View Drive in Hingham due to high winds.

In the middle of all of these, I worked hard on my wreaths for the wedding, they are all done and ready to go, I'm taking pictures today, and I will post them tomorrow.  I'm sending the bride extra rolls in case some of them become loose, She wanted gray ribbon, and they look beautiful.

I am now working on another request is my famous "roses" wreath, they are a bit harder to make, but they are worth it.  I'm also working on the small music ones for another very lucky bride.

I promise happy pictures tomorrow,