Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Decorating with old maps

Hello Friends:

We saw a beautiful sunset yesterday, Spring is on its
way here in the NE, its time to say goodbye to the
gray skies and the rain, and fog.

Sometimes here, we have week after week of gray rainy days. It can get you down and dreaming about
blue and sunny days somewhere else.
Well, I think better weather is on its way.

Some eye candy and inspirations with Pottery Barn 
map decor.

EASY PROJECT I'm doing the coasters, love this, from Martha Stewart.

Love the dresser, even I can do this, just match it carefully, decoupage, it and voila!!!!!

I would love to do a door like this?????
Map Cofeetable-1
From the "Craft" magazine a great easy project, your coffee table decoupage map.
Subway maps from the Ma. Transit  posters.  Great idea!!!!
maps as blinds  so cool!!!!! just get old maps from schools, yard sales, antique malls. 
From Casasugar site, great idea put them all together, big, small ones.they look great in a grouping.

Great ideas for a room!!!!

I hope you create something with vintage maps, or new maps, just make them look antique with
some  stain  after  you decoupage or  they look great with a little dark glaze that you have
in your  from another project.  Send me  a picture on my email and I will post it on this blog
so we can all admire your "creative achievement",  turn off the TV, and computer and
CREATE,  CREATE.  You can do it.  Crafting, painting, decoupage, is so relaxing.
Start with a small project, like the coasters.  I hope I was able to inspire today,

Blessings from our God to you all!!!!