Thursday, June 21, 2012

A blank wall (continue)

Dear Friends:

Welcome to my blog. I'm trying to find a solution to a couple of empty walls, and I found the answer last night. Here it is:

Antique vintage ceiling tiles from a factory made into a picture.

at night with my mason jar solar jar light.

My antique ceiling tile 8 x 5 picture.  It looks very good on the wall, and I like it better than a bunch of plates, or pictures, its something that I made, its antique, and a conversation piece.  How do you like it? tomorrow I will hang it up. Its big and heavy.

 I got this tile at a Salvage Place years ago, it sat in the basement for a long time.
A rainy day, I brought it up, got myself some plywood at Lowe's and glued the tile 8 ft. by 5 ft. on it. It took forever, you have to put bricks on top  and wait many days for the glue to adhere. This is a large old block of tile, it was the smallest I could find, for the price.  Only the gorilla glue works on this tiles, they are very hard to glue, and this was a big piece.
I painted it with one of my favorite Michael's Robin's blue spray paint, (40% coupon),  I did  prime with a special primer for metal, then, I antiqued a little bit with the antiquing paint, just a bit, and sealed it.  You can see its not perfect, but I love it and my bedroom walls are a very very pale antique blue. So I think it will go perfect.  I just have to glue a couple of (teeth hooks thingy) and oh la la,

Have a wonderful Thursday,