Sunday, November 20, 2011


Good Morning friends of Kate Creative Salvage"

I was visiting some friends on "blogland".  A lot of bloggers are trying to find their niche in the world of "blogland".  Some want to advertise their shops and make lots of money, some others, like to make things and create as much as possible, Some just want to DO IT ALL, write, get lots of followers, sell their creations, sell advertisement through google ads,or through other bloggers who want to advertise their shops or blog, many out there write the "e magazines" or the "e books", or the very ambitious, write wonderful decorating books.
It is just wonderful how everyone in "blogland"
works so hard to achieve dreams and goals.

Back to reality, I'm part of the "blogland" it is a slow journey, my passion is to take an item that nobody wants, and make it into something beautiful for the home.
I don't have the time to do this very often, it
takes me a long time to paint, or distress items, I don't have the powerful sprayers, so all I paint is by hand, this takes time.  I
don't know how to build tables or molding etc.
so, all I do is paint frames, antiques, vintage items, ceiling tiles, baskets and that is all for now.  The mister does absolutely nothing DYI.
This sounds like I'm complaining but I'm not.

INSPIRATION:  This is my kind of passion, actually the last photo is  very similar to my bookcase,I have two bookcases in my study one I'm decoupaging (it takes forever), the other one I cannot paint, because it is a real antique with brass on top, and beautiful oak. It is huge, so I change things all the time, it has everything, books, trunks, old pictures, mercury glass, white pottery, you name it, it goes in this wonderful old bookcase.  I'm taking pictures for you soon. I love to read and thus I love books, being a teacher I have tons of books for school and my personal collection.  I have very very old books, from garage sales, and thrift stores. I have them in buckets in my basement. To display all my books I need tons of bookcases, so I keep them in buckets. I think the "e books" are great but kids need to learn to love the real books first.  It is very hard to teach from an "e book" not that I don't like the "kindle" or whatever, but reading an "e magazine" today, I really prefer the "real magazine" there is nothing better than my "Country Living" or "House Beautiful", my mug with hot coffee, and enjoying and reading the articles.  I really think that the new "e magazine" are too small, I like the long articles.

What do you like, I will post your comment, please write to me.
A Nautical room  everything in this room is just about from Home Goods, Marshalls and TJ Max,
my favorite budget stores.  You can create this for about $200.00 or less. The trunk is old, but the rest
is not.

This living room is a mixture, but what I like is that they kind of hide the big
tv above the mantle   oh what happened to the traditional mantle????

Love the storage in those suitcases, (I have six of them full to capacity)
love the books, small travel trunks, french chairs, and hanging lamp,
check the curtain,

Now this is just inspiration, lets go and rearrange our rooms, great ideas here???