Monday, June 6, 2011

A Special place

My little knobs have won two treasuries on Etsy, I cann't believe it.  Anyway Etsy is a very special place, I love belonging to the teams, and love the different artists.  It is a pleasure displaying my humble creations, on Etsy.
The name of my shop is katecreative
Grab a cup of tea, and enjoy a few minutes looking at the beautiful artists on etsy.

Thank you so much to the new followers, I hope you enjoy this blog, I try hard to write from the heart, the purpose of blogging is to admire others, support the crafters with words, and, to spread the love.

I hope you enjoy the new tags and knobs, I learned it from Sarah at  the Beach Cottage, a wonderful blog from Australia. The knobs, I learned how to make them from a tutorial on the internet.

I love topography and numbers so this was something I could do. Hope you enjoy them,